Playing catch up...

So we're having a snow day here in NC we're finally getting around to updating ya'll on the latest happenings. We've been pretty busy since the last time we updated our blog. We had several setups this fall---trying to gain some brand exposure around our area. We have an official Pritty Gritty trailer to haul our stuff in---a two horse tag along ;-)...that we are quickly outgrowing. We've setup at a Mule Jump, a few rodeos, Brushy Mountain Apple Festival, Lexington BBQ festival, Benson Mule Days, Cowgirls with a Cause Barrel race, and Troutman horse sale this fall....So if we've seemed to be MIA that's why. We also now have a mascot that we brought home from Benson named "Norman". He was a stray kitten beside our booth that was just too cute not to bring home.

As you might have noticed we are starting to expand our inventory, carrying pocketbooks and jewelry as well. But we didn't leave the men out this we now have our first Men's tee "Teamwork makes the Dream Work" in our "Gritt" Clothing Line. We have had lots of requests for more kid's designs that we will be addressing soon. But we did go ahead and add one more kids tee-- "lil muleskinner". In addition to this we do have a few more designs, hoodies, and long sleeves as well.

As we travel down this journey we are still learning about our customer's needs and our vision as a company. We have learned that people have different likes and styles. That being said we feel that we can address this well as we have noticed that Bailey and I have differing tastes and styles. So therefore, we hope we are able to mesh our styles to meet everyone's needs. We are hoping to improve our designs with more expertise as well.